What fucking point are you trying to prove? You’ll come home at the end of the night saying, “I’m sorry babe i didn’t look at my phone.. I’m sorry babe i forgot”. What the fuck am I suppose to say after you’ve done this a million times? Am I suppose to be okay with it? Or should i not give a fuck about it. Because I’ve tried that before, and you hated it. What do I do…. I am so in love. But you can’t expect for me to treat you like a prince if you are not treating me like a princess. Things change, time changes. Stop promising me things, i don’t even ask you to. I never asked you to change for me, i never asked you to drop everything for me. And undoubtedly, you have gone back to your old ways anyhow. I’m at loss with this, I’m at loss with you. You came unexpectedly, i gave you my all when i promised myself i wouldn’t. And yet here i am again… doubting myself and doubting just how much i mean to you.